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1500 Members Mega Feature

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 8:03 AM
We are Celebrating Love-New-Artists reaching 1,500 Members.
All the Staff of this Group have worked so hard this Year to make LNA a good Group.
Happy Holidays to everyone who see this.

Please enjoy these awesome features... :love:

#114 Damaged By Life by Manouilidis Greed by ZuzannaStelmaszek A la recherche du temps perdu by Morgan-Lou the clouds gonna be fabulous this summer by Ejik1977
Tricycle Built for Two...a hummarcus collaboration by hummbuzz Cloud Dancer by Vitaly-Sokol Forgotten by erool Heart by Lasiu7
Apple by JulietaRybets the light will guide us, just follow the light by Shadows-in-Twilight 

Traditional Art - Drawings:
Mr. Foxy by IllegalHamsterThe Giraffe Calf by stalksthedawn Clarity by Meorow ShAtTeReD by Fajralam
just try by nakedcrayon23 Hedy Lamarr by stevie-wydder Yolandi Visser pencil Portrait by Wazche 
001 (2)m by deprywacja Friends Reference by Bara Vavrova by Pevansy Mangiafuoco by Ewlor

Traditional Art - Paintings:
Play by r-lilie Norfolk  watchers...... by TriciaS
In a Pale Moon's Shadow by Sieskja Warm Sunset by Natan-Estivallet Winter Light by raysheaf
Heatwave by curtis-macdonald umbrella by MSamsonov A river runs through it by TamiTw
Urbanisation by jonathanpradillon Peach branch greeting by Rosalind6463

Traditional Craft, Sculpture, Collage: 

: JUMBO chibi Groot : by BastardPrince Cracked Sky by BlackBlossomJewelry Lachesis by YouniquelyChic
Doctor Who - Amber planet and the TARDIS by AnastasiyaKosenko Thought of love by DA's DarkRone Art Pillow by ObsidianRavenShadow Beastie by od-dolls La Isla Bonita, Blue Agate and Leather Wrap Bracel by Secretvixen
African Queen.... by Tigles1Artistry Phoenix by Viczan Miniature Parrot sculpts by Pajutee

Photography - Color:
My Cutiepie... 02 by JocelyneR Physalis by Marloeshi
Seattle Skyline with Mount Rainier 2014 by LarryGorlin
Little blue eggs by A-Negative-Blood Little World by WillTC
Stare at me by LiGiK
Blueberry 2 [08.2014] by SabakuNoShi Cold by KariLiimatainen Autumn is comming by Inside-my-ART
Margarita by apalkin Ginger girl by Leon13th
fish by hv1234 Running on ice by starykocur
A Touch of Frost 2 by jxsnyder
.: The unkissed Prince :. by Frank-Beer Autumn Fungus 3 by jxsnyder
Another Lilly by friartuck40 Time goes by by FrancescaDelfino
Castle View Ljubljana by BerarAdrian
Kamianets-Podilskyi castle by roman-gp

Photography - BW - Sepia:
Only When I Lose Myself by FGW-Photography woolly love II by ilzef
Catching up with life by flankers
Zebra by DanielleMiner Happy Mornings by CanadianRy
A Winning Lottery by valkeeja Black & White Trees 01 by theogroen Lackey. siblings forever. by bkitten1
Bald Eagle by lost-nomad07 School of Hard Knocks by InayatShah

I see the world the way it is... by Dark-Indigo Selffinder by theogroenEscape... by Dark-Indigo 'Shroom For Two by needcaffine
.:Her Heavenly Dream:. by SummerDreams89
Once Upon A Dream... by Secretadmires ...Listen to my Dreams... by Beautiful-Life15
Battle - Commission by Wesley-Souza archer by eroolMusic Wallpaper  by Sakura060277

Digital Art:
Evil Queen by Airin13 Postcard from the Past by Joe-Maccer
The Great White Death by philippeL
Happy New Year! 2014 by serafleur : Bucky : by BastardPrince Autumn in Heaven by LaraBLN From Up On Poppy Hill [Kokuriko-zaka Kara] by the10s
nezumi-star by shichigoro756 Aurorae by kelogsloops
OrangeJuice0003 by obi1knobi


On this same night
Two years ago
At the hour of half past nine
These eyes saw the passing
Of someone I loved well
She was the maid Celeste Auberginois
Long brown hair like a waterfall
Cascading from her head
Large brown eyes like a small child
But she was aged twenty five
At the moment they proclaimed her dead
I had left her some time before
Remorseful from my errors
Too late to apologize
Yet I would want her to know
Celeste, you are mine forever
I am sad always at what I did
And if we could be together once again
I would not err twice
I would never make you sad
Alas! I know that it can not be
But I feel that you are still with me
Milky Way
As I lay on the ground and look up at the stars,
crickets are chirping their songs from afar.
From my home on the hill the view is sublime,
such heavenly scenes inspire many a rhyme.
As I gaze I soon wonder what life's all about,
hatred and wars sometimes cause me to doubt.
Yet surely this cosmic dance high 'bove my head,
was created by someone whose heart for me bled.
This I am sure of and yes, this I believe,
that the "Someone" who made us wants us to be free.
Free from the pain and the sorrow and guilt,
free to seek peace on this planet He's built.
For now such things, too wonderful for me,
have made my head sleepy, it's time for my tea.
Time to get moving as the dawn has approached,
I'll ponder yet later this quandary I've broached.
   HarmonyLet's all dance
Over the beat
Of gun shots,
Let them ring
Out. And become
Let's harmoniously
Sing over
These gargled screams,
let us accept 
But never forget.
Let's backspace
These vicious words
And quietly sit still
For those who can't be heard.
  Oceans Of Pleasure
The oceans bring in the beautiful tide
Then a gushing ocean flows from inside
Freedom expressed with open eyes
A wonderful, magical event transpires
The oceans of freedom
Take her soul away
And when she returns
She is Transformed in some way
A spectacular experience
It is by far
Those who understand...
You know who you are
  *Xmas Present*Went to see Santa
Making sure of special gift
Tiffany forewarned.
  Last nightLast night I dreamt of you,
though I was wide awake.
A thousand wonderful memories,
once more my heart did break.
You held me in your arms,
I felt your presence near,
as our life played out before me,
once more I shed a tear.
I recalled our precious wedding day
and our joy at the birth of our son.
I recalled our very first rendezvous
and how I knew you´d be the one.
I remembered all the laughter
and your easy loving ways.
I looked into your beautiful face,
"I miss you"  is all I say
A million tears have fallen,
in the time that you´ve been gone,
a million more are still to fall
until my life is done.
cos when my life is over
and they say the last amen
I´d never have missed one single day
I´d do it all again.
Written by Suzanne karbach                                      

Animations and videos:
Three Jets Contrails. Animation by MimiMiaART animation #3 by soft-h Coffee by smault23
Mechanism by GrahamSym Journey through the ruins of ancient temple by KPEKEP Betty Boop 01 by wwwcine Heart by KmyGraphic ANIMATED VERSION  tea time  just chillin by smault23

Stocks, Resources and Tutorials:
Deer stock by ha-rat-kiri light flooded forest ~ Stock by AStoKo by AStoKo
Scenery by Sergiba
How to color a black and white photo by mlpfan1982 Macro Tutorial: the essentials by alexgphoto Patterns with Circles by allison731
Trabocco by Sergiba Red Roses Stock by allison731

Fabric Patterns by allison731 Bacon15 by jojo22

Christmas holidays:

Santa Loves Sweets by KG8807
Untitled by kriakao Winter is near, my deer by Stringedheart Snow Birds and Holiday Trees by Sherjaxon
The Christmas Wish by elyio Waiting for Christmas - Secret Santa by Wesley-Souza Dust 29 by SabakuNoShi

Hope you enjoyed these awesome works of some of our talented artists!

Jenny and all love-new-artists team!


From the Shades of Autumn Series in my Gallery (mostly anyway) a collection of
Photographs and Manipulations Styled as classical Impressionistic Paintings
While many of the these are Heavily Manipulated to achieve this effect .. most
are created with only adjustments to my digital camera and shooting in low light,
usually at Sunrise or Sunset

Mid Winter Dreamscape III by MadGardens
Bavarian Impressions XXI by MadGardens Shades of Autumn 2014.VII by MadGardens
Shades of Autumn 2014.XXIV by MadGardens Shades of Autumn 2014.XXIII by MadGardens Shades of Autumn 2014.XXII by MadGardens Shades of Autumn 2014.XVII by MadGardens
Shades of Autumn 2014.XV by MadGardens Shades of Autumn 15 by MadGardens Shades of Autumn 11 by MadGardens
Shades of Autumn by MadGardens Shades of Autumn 7 by MadGardens Shades of Autumn 12 by MadGardens Bavarian Impressions XXVIII by MadGardens
Shades of Autumn 2014.VI by MadGardens Gorman Impressions I by MadGardens Shades of Autumn 2014.II by MadGardens
Fields of Wild Fire and Ice by MadGardens 

Announcing a new group dedicated to

Impressionistic Photo-manipulations ...

Nigel-Hirst and MadGardens have started a new group Showcasing
Photo Impressionism, and the Artists that Create it .. 

:iconfoto-imp: FOTO-IMP
Has been formed as a focal point for both artists and photographers to unite
their skills with the aim of producing good quality Classic Impressionism Style
Artwork by image manipulation of photo's using various software such as
Photoshop, Gimp Ultrafractal etc.

We are now open and accepting new members to contribute artwork.
More Journal Entries

Welcome to love-new-artists

:heart: Welcome, everyone! :heart:
Here on LNA We are trying to build a very 'innovative' site. We are doing our best to come up with very 'inventive' art. We do try to interact with our Members as much as is possible and we like this idea.

:bulletred: PLEASE: No thanks are necessary when we write back to you BUT if you wish to 'talk' to us we will respond.

:bulletblue: Please read the Rules before submitting any artwork
:bulletblue: Show fellow members you care with Faves, Watches, & Llamas

:bulletred: If you enjoy our group, please invite your friends and donate some points

So many thanks to all supporters!!! :heart:




:bulletgreen: Limit to 3 submissions a week.
:bulletblue: Please submit to the correct folder and not to the featured folder.

:bulletgreen: No profanity period.
:bulletblue: Artistic/Tasteful Nudity is allowed. No S&M or gore
:bulletpurple: Be nice and courteous to fellow members.
:bulletblack: HAVE FUN! :headbang:


CSS skins and tutorials

Fantastic Tutorial Links :nod: within dA :woohoo:

:bulletblue: Divine-Tutorials
:bulletblue: TutorialsClub
:bulletblue: PSDVault

Journal & Gallery CSS and Journal Skins
:bulletblue: eCSSited
:bulletblue: journalcss

Note: Our group administrators will be adding to the above lists as we find tutorial and CSS links that we believe will help our members with creating works of art and CSS links that will assist in creating a functional profile and gallery to showcase art :la:


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