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Springing Into April

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 1:01 AM

When forest glades are teeming with bright forms,

Nor dark and many-folded clouds foretell

The coming of storms.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

STARS (Tulips) by Philluppus Time Spent In Reconnaissance by WishmasterAlchemist White Beauty by bluesgrass Dreaming of cherry blossoms by hv1234 Fiesta by plumita1 
Dark Clouds and Two Birds by SolemNocteInfinitus Until the Time Comes by NovaHeroi Spring starts with autumn II by m-eralp eggHDR0894 by The-Egg The Dark Sky by EveVictus 

  • "April hath put a spirit of youth in everything."

  • William Shakespeare
Lolita by leafman22 Art on the road by Markuslajer Zeljka by Takemewhereiwannago Breaking Up A Fight by InayatShah I believe. by ClaraSchoebel 

The Unicorn by Sakura060277 Dreamwerkz by affant Reptalialism-The Green Beauty by erwinpineda 

 break away. by sollenafotografie Barbara by Norrington1  

A little madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King.

Emily Dickinson

A hope in Darkness - Remastered by ZeeShiKing The Face of War by raysheaf wu3Vcd9LnS by OncleJean metallic umbrella forms by Andrea1981G gold rush by GLO-HE 
wedding by Takemewhereiwannago Beauty and the Beast by zarielcharoitite Wild Forest World by SignHermitCrab Weather forecast for tomorrow by bohomaz13 If I tell you I love you ... by EyeDance 

Spring has returned.
The Earth is like a child that knows poems. 

Rainer Maria Rilke

   April RainApril rain has me crying along,
Sitting alone, listening to the sad melodies of this song.
Someone once told me,
The past is only the future with the lights on.
I laid here and it rained for days,
The blue sky, it turned to grey.
But this is the part of growing up.
I never wanted to learn.
You made your plans and drove away,
The last time I'd see you, that day.
A metal box that drifted off course,
Drifted off, and without force,
The concrete roads, never seemed shorter.
I'll grow, but you'll never know,
I'll always cry for you, but it'll never show.
Your flower will never again bloom,
Like an unborn child who died in the womb.
 My love for books... by Nauriel666  Ode To A Pair Of Hiking ShoesA pair of well used hiking boots
Rest beside an open doorway
Their leather no longer stiff
As the first day they were applied
A couple holes decorate one
Stains of white paint splatters on both
And a faint whiff of sweat lingers
From each hike, brisk walk, and paint job
That has provided them with use
After years of being beaten
By cement and the burdened feet
Of the morbidly obese man
Who chooses to utilize them
They have developed character
That not enough people strive for
And too many, through foolishness
And with fervor, claim to possess
What kind of a country is this?
  A message in the sky
A message in the sky,
appeared to tell you why.
Why I went away,
Lord knows I couldn´t stay.
I know it broke your heart
the day we had to part.
So this message up above,
I send to you with love.
A message out the blue,
says I´ve never really left you.
I´m with you by your side
and in your heart abide.
So don´t cry no more my girl.
just remember all we share.
Don´t worry babe I´ll be okay,
go on, I´m with you all the way,
A poem by Suzanne Karbach.
  Every Journey Has An EndingIf I would have nine lives,
maybe in one of them,
I would smile to a star called Desire,
which appears from time to time on the sky of an unknown planet,
to make life brighter.
With eight lives, I would think I'm so rich,
that I would be able to find that wonderful legendary golden dragon
and with generosity,
maybe he would protect me from emptiness.
With seven lives,
I would be so proud by my beauty,
that maybe I would forget
that you can not live so long without having a doubt.
With six lives,
I would turn the ashes of the Universe in diamonds
and maybe all known or unknown eyes,
would see the light.
With five lives,
maybe I would discover from where springing the rainbow
and I would catch roots
in an certain Tomorrow.
With four lives,
maybe I would be very selfish
and I would believe that my heart can sing
and that song could stop time passing.
With three lives,
I would dream that my insanity was cured
and maybe,
I would be able to learn to love.
With two lives,
I would start to app

  Leva (Concurso) by keitchez  magical. by sollenafotografie Lonely Bird by sptanwar 
  knock the summer door by Lovepeace-S HAPPY EASTER! by sesam-is-open  After Birth by artimisso 
  Threads by SabakuNoShi Steve's river by iytj 

Life stands before me

like an eternal spring

with new and brilliant clothes.

Carl Friedrich Gauss

Wings Belly Dance by Fotomonta hidden. by sollenafotografie The Mask by mng182 Keeper of the Keys by ravenscar45 go greennnnnnnnnn by erool  
Robin / Rotkelchen 6 by bluesgrass Pix-3l - Ivysaur - 002 by Pix-3l Grey crowned crane by KlaraDrielle 
Feline Witchery by allison731 Concentration by xmilek  Questions by WishmasterAlchemist sleeping by Rayon2lune  Cat Mania by ZeeShiKing 

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