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Summer Collaborations Contest

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 15, 2015, 11:00 AM
Collaborations Contest

1. Please pick a photo or illustration/painting from our Members Gallery
*****"Ask the Artist permission to use it for contest"*****
and write us a poem/short prose about the picture you have chosen.
2. If you prefer to pick Poetry or Prose.....make a
   drawing/painting/photograph/digital which clearly illustrates the writing.
3. 2 submissions per person.
4. Submit ONLY into the Contest Folder here >…
5. Contest begins: 1st August..............

Edit: Contest deadline has been moved to 30th September from 1st September previously ~ 300 :points: ~ 200 :points:

3rd... and 4th.... ~ 150 :points: each

Thank you so much for Donations:
:iconjocelyner: :iconcarolynym: :iconjules-101: :icondanicawish: :iconray-koster:
:w00t: Please do visit these donor's wonderful galleries :w00t:

Have fun ~ Enjoy August


Journal Entry: Fri Jul 10, 2015, 8:41 PM

But first for fun
Here is our member #2000
:clap: :icondimm-on: :clap:
Stars by Dimm-on Untitled by Dimm-on Snow Queen by Dimm-on
... by Dimm-on Earth by Dimm-on ... by Dimm-on


Literature happenings
Dance Of The SwansDance Of The Swans
© Sharquelle
You approach; a display of grace, confidence and restraint
A presence with the power to break down my every resistance
Strength, enveloped in feathers that are so soft to the touch
Gliding through waters deep enough to drown reality itself
Waters that mirror an image of two swans,
a pair locked in a courtship dance of stare and look away
We are contestants in a battle of strength and willpower 
But as you muster yours, I use my last to take off        
Not knowing whether it is my flight that drains the last of my vigor,
or fighting the urge to turn around and crash-land in our beautiful reflection
Please, Come In!Come in! Yes, come in!
No worries, just come in!
Your desperate knock
and rain-soaked frock
are begging you, come in!
Ignore my growly tone,
its comfy in my home!
There's paper dolls
and woolly shawls
and chocolate ice cream cones!
But wait! There's so much more!
There's hop-scotch on my floor!
Come in and see
fun books to read.
For sure you'll not be bored!
I'll give the knob a turn,
but don't you be concerned!
Do not surmise
my reptile eyes
are menacing or stern!
And disregard that smell
I do not cook so well...
My pickled eggs
they grew some legs
and on the floor they fell!
I'm opening the door,
a crack and nothing more!
Helloooooo, my friend!
I'm... ! 
Wait!! Don't run away!! 
Carnival of Sorrow lyricsThin-lipped and silent,
let us walk through the valley.
Let makeup run, and let's
apply rouge to all of our scars.
Sheets of gauze draped o'er us.
Through the gnashing of teeth,
we can weep through the chorus.
It's the Carnival of Sorrow.
Put on your black robe
and your tragedy mask, it's the
Carnival of Sorrow.
I heard that they have a
strength-test, but it works on your
Doom and gloom forever.
That's what the festival's
all about, and
when we turn our pain to pleasure,
we will never hurt again.
Strait-laced and grim,
let's descend toward our tickets,
squirm through catatonic processions--
they've been there for all time.
Wait as long as we're are able.
Shuffle the dead to the back of the line.
It's for the
Carnival of Sorrow
They have a breaking wheel:
survive and win a goldfish at
the Carnival of Sorrow.
Their maze of mirrors, it can
double as a freak-show, it's
fine! Fine! Fine forever!
That's what the festival's
all about.
We will never, ever, ever
fix what's broken inside o

Cruel insomniaEvery night when I try to sleep,
I see your face, a mutant sheep.
Black is its coat, darker than night.
Drenched in mortal wrongs, twisted right.
Truly does your shimmer dim,
As a ghost, recurring grim.
Your memory is a mirror
Showing me my worst.
In it, I see invisible slashes clearer.
I believe its depth is cursed.
For judgement it naught forestall.
Woe the flaws, I behold all.
Those eyes, ones I'll never forget,
Worn now by a stranger, once almost a pet.
I know their reality,
Bleak, fickle of fealty.
Swear on your life, please.
Just more clutter on the breeze.
For in the depths of dement,
Only lies can ferment.
Love me, love me, please oh do.
Crush me, crush me, I'm counting on you.
Ruin me, ruin me, I'm begging now.
Tear me up for one more show.
I love your choice of knife.
Composed of meaning, free of life.
Your sadistic dagger
Breaks me down to a beggar.
See? I told you I've come so far.
Have I finally earned a gold star?
Three little wordsHead over heels, on the same wave length,
joined at the hip, going hand in hand,
in the same direction,
full of dreams and plans.
We are each other´s echo in the forest
a stronghold in the storm.
We are the cats who got the cream,
like two kids in a candy store.
Always a soft spot for one another
our love goes hand in glove
and sets the perfect picture,
is blessed from up above.
Three little words go without saying
we understand each other blind
with our love in seventh heaven,
true happiness, on cloud nine.
written by Suzanne Karbach
6th June 2015
Bravery (Heavens Blessing)Light hearted
golden thoughts
romance is blooming
I brave a new course,
The Angels came down
and talked to me
of the next man that I see
would be the one to enchant me,
They were right,
it is true,
I've met the guy
and I will allow the love to consume,
My aura is sparkly
I have Gods blessing
'Go forth and love
these are new waters that need testing,
you are up to the challenge Young One
You have Heavens Divine Blessing'
I see outside,
the rain, it tumbles down
washing away old thoughts of desperation
and allowing the green grass of possibility’s to burst forth.
I must brave this new course,
of love and light and wholeness
I’ve been searching for this for a long time
and now that my heart is whole
I can finally call it mine.

52nd and Broadway by Altergatto The Promise by C1nderellaManFrequency by ornamentalArt
Stop This Train - T16

No I'm not color blind

 I know the world is black and white

 Try to keep an open mind but...

 I just can't sleep on this tonight

 Stop this train I want to get off and go home again

 I can't take the speed it's moving in

 I know I can't,  but honestly, won't someone stop this train
 Don't know how else to say it, don't want to see my parents go

Sudetenland by fotoPScz
 One gene
 Backgammon by Taski-Guru *Gift of Love*
Ceaseless mist of time
Where nature reigns endlessly
Delightful vision
In heart's memory always
Enfolded by love, like dream.

INSIGHT by NataliaDrepina The future is there ... looking back at us by MitsukoYumi Passive Aggressive by NedreKaerr1-13
Two-Faced by CrazyGirL44 Drained by LittleCE THE OFFER by kevissimo
Viva la Vida by Batsceba Efuggio (escape) by CarmenImmer [AWAY] by Technochrist

Love walking by smault23 Evil Within by Aart-ish Vincent by wwwcine
T-Rex by UszatyArbuz random intercom by muffaelucciole

Fairy in the Grass by annewipf Portal in a desert by I-Mago The incredible dark Tickelf by theogroen

Mature Content

Who   are   you? by davidperesbr
Working Class Hero, #2 by nine9nine9Giraffes by RWTA

Digital art
Be yourself by stellartcorsica Three moods by AncientKing Bird of Tyaa by HeliacWolf
Tired by chirun

Mature Content

Body Study by ianwh
First Patreon Creation by Ramonn90

Traditional Art ~ Crafts~Sculpture~Collage
Kiana the banshee. One of a kind gothic art doll. by Lauramei 'Arnamentia',  handmade sterling silver necklace by seralune In The Dark - paper cut by EllaBaras
Freefall wip by sedge-s .... by kimerajam Demonic frog I by hontor

Traditional Art ~ Drawings
Blue by drachenmagier
Cinderella and Prince Charming by GabrielleCarlson

Mature Content

Brigitte Lahaie by stevie-wydder
Birds -WIP by Gawarin
Lady Sparrowhawk by LauraPex Pablo by EllieMorgann The Seafox by Ravenari

Traditional Art ~ Paintings
Yuna by Gawarin
Alma buena - 1992 by andresbestardmaggio No Idea by bohomaz13 Violet by bohomaz13
Come on! by MelGama Arabesque by ForestEdgeFineArt Unbreakable (Detail) by FiguraArto

Photography ~ Sepia ~ B&W
Music by DanicaWish That shy smile by LinkyQ Softly Sounding by firefox2171
dresden 9 by MT-Photografien Carriage by BillyNikoll ... shape ... by FlowerOfTheForest

Photography ~ Colour
In front of a Fritillary by roisabborrar China Rose by GJ-Vernon Baby bird by UniQuest
Turtle by GJ-Vernon Just born by ratinrage Manarola, Cinque Terre by mydarkeyes

:iconshallwedanceplz: KEEP PRODUCING AND SUBMITTING YOUR AWESOME ART :iconshallwedanceplz:

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Here on LNA We are trying to build a very 'innovative' site. We are doing our best to come up with very 'inventive' art. We do try to interact with our Members as much as is possible and we like this idea.

:bulletred: PLEASE: No thanks are necessary when we write back to you BUT if you wish to 'talk' to us we will respond.

:bulletblue: Please read the Rules before submitting any artwork
:bulletblue: Show fellow members you care with Faves, Watches, & Llamas

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Note: Our group administrators will be adding to the above lists as we find tutorial and CSS links that we believe will help our members with creating works of art and CSS links that will assist in creating a functional profile and gallery to showcase art :la:


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