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Welcome to love-new-artists

:heart: Welcome, everyone! :heart:
We are all here to support each other!

:bulletblue: Please read the Rules before submitting any artwork
:bulletblue: Show fellow members you care with Faves, Watches, & Llamas

:bulletred: If you enjoy our group, please invite your friends and donate some points

So many thanks to all supporters!!! :heart:




:bulletgreen: Limit to 3 submissions a week.
:bulletblue: Please submit to the correct folder and not to the featured folder.

:bulletgreen: No profanity period.
:bulletblue: Artistic/Tasteful Nudity is allowed. No S&M or gore
:bulletpurple: Be nice and courteous to fellow members.
:bulletblack: HAVE FUN! :headbang:


CSS skins and tutorials

Fantastic Tutorial Links :nod: within dA :woohoo:

:bulletblue: Divine-Tutorials
:bulletblue: TutorialsClub
:bulletblue: PSDVault

Journal & Gallery CSS and Journal Skins
:bulletblue: eCSSited
:bulletblue: journalcss

Note: Our group administrators will be adding to the above lists as we find tutorial and CSS links that we believe will help our members with creating works of art and CSS links that will assist in creating a functional profile and gallery to showcase art :la:

A Grand of Artists: 1,000 Members

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 19, 2014, 10:22 AM
1,000 members equals a grand not just numerically, but also in the sense of being large and impressive in size and scope; magnificent.  That is what we have here on Love-New-Artist; grand members!  As we welcome our 1,000th member, we look back at those who have helped us reach this milestone.  This is just the beginning for our loving group.  Love-New-Artists will continue to eagerly accept and seek out submissions for our gallery and members for our group.  

Our original founder, CanadianRy, has recently turned over the reins to JennyStokes . We will miss Ryan's leadership and would like to take this opportunity to honour the works of our founder.  His vision of a grand group that welcomes and showcases works of its members and guests has been realized here where we join together to celebrate a wide scope of expressive medium and experience levels.  As we sample the work of our membership, first lets take a moment to appreciate what Ryan has done for Love-New-Artists.

A Little Bit Grumpy by CanadianRy Standing Tall by CanadianRy At Another Years End by CanadianRy Scugog Sunrise by CanadianRy They Call me Cheeks by CanadianRy Up Close by CanadianRy Where'd You Come From by CanadianRy As the Sun Rises by CanadianRy Frozen Surroundings by CanadianRy Your so Vain by CanadianRy Pastel Skies by CanadianRy Noah's Ark? by CanadianRy Home to Zany Flophouse by Aegean-Prince 

Thank you, Ryan for beginning our journey!

Love Color

Her Blessing laugh by msendy Fanad Light by mibreit A Rainy Day III by SheilaBrinson Golden Steps by Matthias-Haker Color Dust I by artviveslidia Cave by sylverface just wow... by TanjaMaria Float On by cheslah SunRise Burned-Out Factory 0021 1-30-14 by eyepilot13 Glowing Tulip by GreenEyedG0ddess Miri by Hart-Worx Sunset by Asheza 

Love Black and White

Lost shoe by EvilPurpleChicken 25/03 by MaliskaRodgers Withered by LewiARTs S_wing. by eigenartiges Black Beauty by alexgphoto Hidden within the Flowers by EmilySoto Big Ben says 5 to 1 by BrunoCHATARD His Favorite by LarsVanDeGoor fluidity by VisitingFahrrad Winter by scotto Mischief In His Eyes by InayatShah Dubai Marina BW by vinayan 

Love Concepts

I Could Have Contended by XNightshadeX Eye-Chronic by CrowManIC Smoking kills 2 by lichtschrijver Rock in the cemetery by haimohayon Stranded by BlueStarSerenity Dreams of Peace and Freedom for Ukraine by clippercarrillo Sea Horse by YvyB13 Threads by SabakuNoShi * * * Freedom * * * by aloner777 Aquarium the other way round by Steppen-Woelfin Black Fingernails by BlueStarSerenity Dementia by Levadora 

Love Manipulations

HorizoN by MRBee30 Swanlake Forest by tinca2 My Field by FP-Digital-Art Plum Blossom surreal by ConnysWORLD Rocks and stones by SignHermitCrab Petit poisson by Digithalie Geisha's Dream by Doucesse To The Is-Land Ladies! by jojo22 Monocrome Peacock by GreenEyedG0ddess Image by holollyxD Light Bulb by hayleyonfire Rainbow flower by Digithalie 

Love Tradition

Shirley Temple by marmicminipark Up by XRlS Humphrey And Hubert's Tea Party by La-Chapeliere-Folle Small pleasures of life by UtiliaMignano '67 Ford Galaxie 500 by DominikScherrer Telephone Box by rubylines lanterns in Poznan by takmaj FIVE BOYS IN THE WIND by ericbernut THE PINK FLOYD at the park / watercolor painting p by superlautir Citadel by ja5on Because I Love YOU ! by annakoutsidou Last Song by bohomaz13 

Love Digital

Digital Painting -Winter Heart by MartaNael Dragonfire by GIANTLY JWflower by Digithalie Rainbow Breeze by Thelma1 Fantasy Football by JamesLedgerConcepts for P. by iytj eat sleep rave.... by fraeuleinkirsten Superman Rescues an Anime Girl by HeonGaiden Women's day by Digithalie Ilha Flutuante by talitaborges connected leafs by Andrea1981G Zip-a-dee-doo-Death by Travis-Clarke The Boat by Sallinillas 

Love Literature

Mighty HeartEach heart is beautiful.
Love means together.
Our hearts,
It sounds like a music.
Our hearts,
Warmth means it is stronger than hate.
Our hearts,
It can shine the enemy's heart.
Our hearts,
Your and my hearts mean eternal souls.
To listen our heart,
"Whenever despair situation is,
Be brave like a lion.
Be just yourself."
Listen to our hearts are the reason
Of why each heart is so beautiful.
  Sparrows With WingsSparrows With Wings:
They fly so high.
In the bright morning sky.
Singing and whistling.
Not a problem in sight.
Bringing happiness and love.
With their brother a dove.
Both circling our world.
Of a place we call home.
Where many problems occur.
Everyday we see.
But, with the work that needs done.
In this world alone.
I know there is hope.
For people alone.
As the outside world is rough.
Humanity is more than tough.
Though, breaking our backs,
in the heat of the day.
You will see them fly.
All as it sings.
Sparrows With Wings.
  Fairy talesThe fairy tales do not exist
because life devour our dreams each morning
  Ode To A JaguarFar beneath the canopy
Bathed in moonlight, a jaguar
Strides with grace through the night
What strength within her muscles
What care put into each step
Spotted coat her camouflage
Gleaming tooth and hidden claw
Combined with such stealth and might
She is lithe fatality
Lethal purpose is guided
The design of her body
Into a fierce elegance
With a beauty born of bloodlust
The jaguar, in all her vim,
Moves among midnight shadows
A pantherine eidolon
Prowling the rainforest floor
Senses always kept acute
  A Message for my loveI wanted to grow old with you,
and go through thick and thin.
Together enjoy our pension age
Just we two.
Its so hard now to remember,
though I know we share so many.
Memories for me too painful
to ponder on any.
I get through each day somehow,
I´m grateful for your love,
which even tho you´re no longer here
pours on me from above.
So rest in peace my lovely man.
I miss you everyday
I´m thankful to have been the one,
you chose to be your woman.
A poem by Supach
  Measuring LoveLove: the length of time
you'll dedicate to someone's
pleasure not your own.
  Wings Of GraceWhen everything comes alive
a sweet song surround my heart
and  beyond the sadness and insecurity,
I start to fly on the wings of grace
calling the name of Joy.
Hoping that generosity of the Universe
will caress my soul and gentle will touch my hand,
I let my emotions to spread in a special dance
and like a beautiful dream of the beginning,
the colors bloom in the mystery of an unreal light.
I'm still flying and without fear,
I feel my wings translucent like a dragonfly
and in my ears, a pale voice whisper:
"Never call my name again because I'm always with you,
as long as you are able to fly over your pain
and find the miracle of Spring."
  One Little Fate
    The unwelcome noise of nothing echoes around the stark hallways. The eerie invader of our peace is all I can think of as I sit, huddled in the tight corner, watching the kids in front of my as they fiddle with their fingers, sweat leaking from their brow.
    My eyes fall on Maya, her small toddler frame shaking beside me. I carefully let my arm drape around her petite figure, pulling her close. "Shh." I coo the sound softly, drawing any angry glare from Tamma. Yet, it doesn't bother me.
    A horn sounds far in the distance, an incoming air strike. The faces in the room turn white, whimpers and cries of pure horror filling my ears. We have no time, the dreadful whizzing of missiles sounds overhead. Impact.
         Bright, beautiful
                   Dark, ugly
  NobodyI want nobody, nobody but you.
I want nobody, nobody but you.
nandareun sarameun silheo
niga animyeon silheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody
No poem nor melody could describe your complexion.
By mother nature, we gave birth to rivers of affection.
The stars are mirrors, reflecting your image.
Incomprehensible beauty like foreign language.
Walked this path before, won’t make the same mistake but
I’m time bomb ready to explode, I tick but
I can be unicorn if you want me to.
I can be anything you want me to.
Needless to say, I fell like cherry blossoms in fall,
You teach me new ways to smile every time you call but
I’m afraid you’ll leave me like the last one.
I’m afraid you’ll leave me like the last one.
So you remain a shadow in my heart.
A irreplaceable muse for my art.
I’m a nobody but…
I love you like nobody, nobody else.
I want nobody, nobody but you.
I want nobody, nobody but you.
nandareun sarameun silheo
niga animyeon silheo
I w
  .some people are dead
long before they die -
there's just no burial
or cremation,
no funeral
for the spirit

Jenny, our new Founder, is working hard to keep our group growing and improving.  Let us take a moment to not only appreciate her leadership, but also her creative talents. 
Me....Jenny by jennystokes sl-14 plant 2 by jennystokes Old 2 by jennystokes Her Face by jennystokes Back of a truck. SL by jennystokes Pinky orange by jennystokes Mynah Bird 1 by jennystokes sl-14 Free by jennystokes 

We now welcome our new founder and our next grand of members!  With Jenny's leadership we will continue to strive to be prompt and efficient in meeting the needs of Love-New-Artists.

Important Announcement

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 12:05 AM
After a long debate over traditional art, we have decided to make three different folders.

1- Traditional Art - Paintings

2- Traditional Art - Drawings

3- Traditional Art - Crafts, Sculpture, Collage
This will contain:
* Artisan Crafts
* Sculpture
* Mixed Media
* Collage
* Other

Note: Many people write Mixed Media on their paintings and drawings description, please choose it only if your work includes more than one medium.

Enjoy and keep making amazing artworks! :)
Regards love-new-artists team

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A good thank you for inviting me to your group, you have a
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